This Salt Cedar Pond on the Criswell Range is a rare sight in this usually dry area. © 2007 - 2012


to the new! Our site is devoted to assisting landowners and protecting and preserving the Criswell Allotment - a large Open Range area in Western New Mexico.

We have a story to tell about the American West and the wide open spaces that made it seem like a dream come true to millions of settlers for over 400 years. This story is about the United States of America and the country’s citizens who came west to find a better life. It is also about the territories, towns, counties and government agencies that were born or founded to help or hinder that migration. Finally, it's about the railroads that moved the country to the west so quickly. The cast of characters is too vast to publish here. But they will become known as the stories unfold. We can, however, tell you now about the subjects we'll discuss and the main groups, organizations and communities that are contributing to the effort to preserve the Criswell Open Range today.

  • First: The Criswell Owners Group, a non-profit corp. that tries to help private property owners develop their property and still keep the area open.

  • Second: The Criswell Cabin is a cabin developed by SWaRMCo. It is a kit of materials that can be transported to very remote areas in small trucks and assembled on site.

  • Third: The town of Pie Town and the greater Pie Town area. The Smithsonian was impressed enough by the Pie Town saga to tell the story in Smithsonian Magazine.

  • Fourth: The Continental Divide trail and the Coast to Coast Highway, US 60. Both of these byways bring visitors and travelers to the greater Pie Town area.

  • Fifth: The night-sky. This area is one of the few remaining places where the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye. Only about five or ten percent of the United States can see the Milky Way because of light pollution.

  • Sixth: The Criswell Old West Park and Community Center.
All these and other stories will be told here. The Cattleguard, a newsletter for the Criswell Owners Group will also be published periodically on these pages.

We encourage you to come back from time to time to see how we're progressing.

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