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The Long Rider

A Place to Call Home...
Our first opportunity to offer service to anyone after opening Criswell Owners Group's office in PieTown, was on January 02, 2007. I was out front scraping some snow off my pickup. A horse stopped behind the truck. I looked up and saw the dog that had been playing with my dog the day before. The dog came to me, I petted it and said, "Your dog played with my dog yesterday."

"I wondered why she brought us here" she said. Then added, "Where is she now?"

"She got killed last night; I just buried her. Where do you live?" I said.

“Montana, but that’s my home right now," she said as she pointed to an abandoned shack across US 60.

I picked up a towel from the back of the truck and said, “No wonder she’s sweating. She’s been rolling in the snow."

"Thanks for rubbing her. Do you have another towel?” And she slid down off the horse.

"There’s an old shirt and rags in the back of the truck." And we both commenced to rub Honor down, dry, and talk.

Her name is Bernice Ende and she is a long rider. I had not heard that phrase since I was a kid. My dad’s younger brother showed up in a 1929 Pontiac coupe at our house. He was a mechanic and as he fixed his car then my dad’s, I got to watch and talk to him. He told me he was a long rider but rides in a car instead of sitting on a horse. Later that night I asked Mom and Dad what a long rider was.

“Is that what Fred said he was? Mom said. "Yes," I said

"He’s a drifter" she said. "Go on to bed. And say a prayer you don’t become a drifter."

Bernice stayed in her "new home” a couple more days. She asked if she could use my computer to send a story to her web site. She told me about her trip so far, 2500 miles and another 2500 to go. She was on her way back to Montana. But she was going to go over to California to ride the Pacific Trail. From PieTown she was going to Quemado Then to follow I40 West.

I asked Bob Roland in Quemado if he had a bed she could use for the night. She said good bye, Claire waved her tail and Honor (Bernice rides ‘on her’. Get it?) whinnied.

Bob told her to take the trail to the South and go into California on I-10.

She sent Bob a card from Reserve, so we know she took his advice.

Bernice wrote her story about her PieTown home. I asked her to e mail it to me for our web site. She writes the story much better than I could. Stay in touch with her now that you know her and have her web site. She might could use some feed delivered to her when she crosses the Sonoran and Mohave deserts.

I still don’t know why I couldn’t have been a long rider. Er… drifter.

Visitor Tip:

To read Bernice Ende's personal story about her stay in PieTown visit this page. Also, be sure to visit her web site at and to read Bernice's travel journal, visit: Outfitters' Supply. They are sponsoring Bernice's trip and have been publishing her journal installments ever since she began her long ride in 2006.

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