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Criswell Owners Group
The Criswell Owners Group was formed because somebody was going to close a road that gave us a shorter route into the Criswell. A few of us who live out here full time did not want the road closed. So we decided to send a letter to all owners of Criswell property, to advise them of what was to happen.

It was decided that we would make the letter a newsletter and mention some other concerns beside the road closure. The response was strong and some owners sent money to help with finances. When we tried to open a bank account to hold the money, we found that we should form a non-profit corporation to hold the money. This was right around the time when congress passed the National Security Act.

So we called it the Criswell Owners Group.

The purpose then was to simply keep the members informed about what was happening out here. But as luck would have it, other things popped up from time to time and it turned into a pretty big job. We tried to answer individual questions using e-mails and the requests for information about getting surveys required much research work. The utilities on the Criswell do not exist. Solar power isnít always reliable and we lost much data when the computer shut down unexpectedly.

Eventually, we were able to get enough people interested in surveys to get only a single section surveyed.

The most important thing Criswell owners want to know, is where the property lines are. So the job of COG was to get surveys and make roads. The trouble is not everyone wants this country to have roads and fences. The rancher who has the lease of BLM and State lands certainly does not. The owners who are trying to raise their food here must fence their property. And the land speculators want roads but donít want to pay for them. They want somebody else to build roads so they can piggy-back on them.

So what is Criswell Owners Group? What does COG want this place to be?

Those answers are hard to come by. The few people who are really concerned want everyone who owns property here to be able to get to it and use it. But they donít want the piggy-backers to profit from others efforts. They DO NOT want the Criswell to become just another crowded sub-division. They want it to remain open land for educational and recreational purposes. And they want owners to join in the dialogue about what THEY want for the Criswell.

Criswell landowners can do that by joining and supporting COG.

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