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The Criswell Cabin

A Perfectly Timed Accident
Image of the first criswell cabin under construction.This Cabin is sort of an accident. It was designed and built because the building where the Pie Town Post Office is located, is old and difficult to keep in repair. The contract with the U.S. Post Office extends into 2012, so it seems pertinent that the building will have to be rebuilt.

Though Pie Town does not have any rules or ordinances that dictate a theme for buildings, the property owners would like to keep this building in its same style. The plan was to build a temporary building that could be removed easily after the existing Post Office building was rebuilt.

Some legal and financial problems got in the way of that grand endeavor; and the decision was made to enlarge the Post Office space and make some repairs.

Photo of the first Criswell Cabin under construction.In the meantime, construction of this building was under way. So the plan then was to see if this building could be built in small enough sections to be put on a small pick up truck and be transported to the very remote Criswell.

A few small adjustments were made. The lumber was cut to size, packaged in small kits, loaded on a small Toyota pick up and driven a few hundred feet to where the building was put together.

The idea was to find out if one old man could build a cabin like this out on The Criswell.

The answer turned out to be NO.

Photo of the first Criswell Cabin under construction.But, two people could do it very easily if they have the right ladders and tools.

Criswell property owners have asked if they could get cabins to their property. For the most part, the answer is only if they can get a road built for deliveries of materials.

By constructing the building we have demonstrated that if you can get a four wheel truck to the property, you can get a cabin on your property.

The Criswell Owners Group has made arrangements for kits to be built in Pie town and delivered to any assessable site.

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