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Criswell Maps

Road Maps PLUS Topography & Elevation Maps by Section

Please be patient!

The relatively small map displayed on the lower part of this page will require 2 to 4 minutes to download for visitors who are visiting us using dial-up modems. Broadband users should be able to download and display this map within a minute or so.

In addition to the Criswell maps provided below, we have added a road map from PieTown to the Criswell. You can click the link on the bottom of this page to display our PieTown to Criswell map. This map will require 2 - 4 minutes to download at dial-up speeds. You may find your browser reduces the size of this map to make it fit on your screen after it's downloaded; but usually, clicking on the map increases it back to full size. We've also provided a printable copy of this map in our Resources Section on our "PDF Downloads" page (Click Here). Please note the road from PieTown to the Criswell is a dirt road and roads on the Criswell (where they exist at all) are much worse. In New Mexico, such roads are considered unsuitable for passenger cars. A 4-wheel drive vehicle with good road clearance is strongly recommended. You've been warned...

This page includes replicas of land topography and elevation maps for seventeen sections of the Criswell Range. As in most of New Mexico, the land in this area was "checkerboarded" with every other section set aside as either BLM land or as railroad right of way. Each large square on these maps represents a single 640 acre section of land. The sections that are subdivided into 16 smaller blocks represent the Criswell Rangeland. Sections that are not subdivided belong to the BLM or to other parties.

We arranged to buy 3 of these maps. The original maps (which we're displaying a small version of below) are BIG measuring roughly 40" (3 ft 4 in.) high by 32" wide. The original file for each map is about 3Mb in size. A file that big takes 10 - 15 minutes to download if you're using a high-speed dial-up Internet connection and several times that long if you have a low-speed dial-up connection. The combined map displayed below can be clicked to display a second mid-sized version. That medium-sized file is over 2Mb in size and will require 7 - 10 minutes to download if you are using a high-speed dial-up connection or 20 - 30 minutes for those on low speed dial-up lines. You may find your browser reduces the size of that image to make if fit on your screen after it's downloaded; but usually, clicking on the image increases it back to full size.

We have provided links to the original maps we bought at the bottom of this page. If you want to have the largest versions of these maps, just click one of the three links at the bottom of this page. After you click, take a break and go grab a cold drink to enjoy while your computer slaves away for a few minutes downloading each map. After the downloaded map displays on your screen, right-click it and use the "Save As" option on the menu that appears to save the map to your computer's hard disk.

Enjoy your break! We'll see you later.

Please be patient. Maps of the Criswell are downloading!
The above map is clickable. Click on it to quadruple its size.

PieTown to Criswell RoadMap
Download North Map Section
Download Center Map Section
Download South Map Section

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