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Criswell landowners and visitors should complete this form to receive our newsletter and join our mailing list. There is a $25 annual membership fee which runs from January 1 to December 31 each year. COG offers no discounts for those who wait until mid-year to join or renew. This fee helps cover our expenses to build, maintain and host this site and to produce and distribute our newsletters. It does not cover any of our other operating expenses.

COG offers the services and products listed on this page to our active dues-paid members only. If you have not paid a membership fee in the current calendar year, please be sure to send your membership renewal payment after you send us this form. There are seperate fees associated with providing each of the services or preparing, packaging and sending the items listed on this page. When you send this form to us, you'll be taken straight to our shopping cart where you can renew your COG / Cattleguard membership and/or pay for the other services, or products you've requested here.

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Contribute to Park - Old West Park Share ($25)
COG Membership & CattleGuard Newsletter ($25/year)
GPS Parcel Topo Map with Parcel Corner GPS Coordinates ($200)
Adjacent Parcel GPS Coordinates ($50)
Shed Roof Cabin Kit (Deposit: $200, Total: $2,000)
Hip Roof Cabin Kit (Deposit: $250, Total: $2,500)
Road Grade Quote ($250)

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